Purpose of the J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The main aim of the J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is to fulfill the vision that President J.F. Kennedy has with regards to culture. He intended that a national cultural center should produce and showcase various performances that included music, dance, theatre and more. The intent was to encourage and support artists of all nature and across all cultural fields in order to ensure a rich culture.

The center is intended to be the leader in serving the nation in producing, creating and presenting the best pieces of art across the world. It also aims at being a leads in arts education. Today the center is probably the busiest performing arts center across the country. It reaches out to more than 2 million people every year based on the on-site performances and the number of people that it reaches out to on the basis of radio programs, tours and television programs is far higher.

While the total number of performances in a year is estimated to be around 2000, there are 400 free performances of music, dance, theatre and more that are allowed each year. These are mainly presented to allow young budding talent to be able to showcase their talents to the many art lovers who visit the center regularly.

The performing arts center is a not-for-profit organization. It is basically run on the annual grant that it gets from the federal government. At the same time, it also looks for support from individuals and corporates in order to lessen the burden on the Federal Reserve. Support can be extended to the center in the form of individual contributions, corporate grants, and charitable estate planning and volunteering.

Individuals can support the culture cause by contributing as less as $60 to as much as they want. Those who contribute are eligible to get some special bonuses and discount of performances that are staged.


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